Technology Expertise

Proficiencies in numerous Technologies, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Frameworks, etc.

Air Desire Infotech only hires, trains and retains talented coders and developers who are committed to providing best services to clients. In doing so, the profound knowledge and proven skills in different frameworks, programming languages, platforms...are essential and prerequisite condition. Our programmers are familiar with many development frameworks including open sources, and multi-platform application development.

We can work on different platforms namely Windows, Linux, MacOS etc., and different programming languages: .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, C++, Golang, Solidity, Blockchain frameworks: Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum, Tendermint. Below are some basic services provided with specific programming languages at Air Desire Infotech :

• PHP: Air Desire Infotech is expert at PHP with more than 300 projects successfully completed. With PHP we can help you:
» Setup your corporate website at minimum cost to maximize your presentation to your audience using Air Desire Infotech CMS or Joomla.
» Build an online store with full features of the latest ecommerce theories to maximize your sales using Air Desire Infotech Cart or ZenCart, Magento.
» Custom develop your PHP application for using as a community website or intranet applications using Zend Framework, Drupal, Symphony, CakePHP.
• .NET: Air Desire Infotech covers the following. NET-based services:
» Develop and design secure, scalable and configurable .NET web based or client-server or desktop applications using C# or VB.NET.
» .NET application enhancement and maintenance
» .NET application integration.
» Re-engineering/migrating desktop and web applications to .NET
• C/C++: Our team's technical skills will help you to design and develop C/C++ applications for broad range of categories:
» Desktop applications.
» Software components.
» Multimedia applications.
» C++ game development.
» Image Processing Tools and file managers.
» Extendable and portable C++ software solutions
» Complicated system level programming
» Customizable C++ applications
» Advanced C++ technologies and development tools using
» Cost-efficient C++ programming
• Java: Our dedicated Java developers offer various services to our customers:
» Java applications programming for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Mobile platform
» Java-based desktop applications development
» Custom solutions development on Java
» J2EE design patterns
» Web design and development services and games development
• Apart from that, we can utilize most common APIs such as Google apps, MAEMO, etc, and program on many frameworks such as Zend framework, Drupal, CakePHP, Struts, Hibernate