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Embedded Systems

Our embedded systems service offerings help you address your domain-specific needs and remain competitive in the global market. Our experience in handling critical aspects of embedded systems development helps you keep up with technology trends, meet ever-changing customer demands, and drive your revenues.

Embedded systems has become very significant with the advent of sophisticated technologies in the fields of telecommunication, media and entertainment, automobile, aviation, consumer electronics, healthcare, among others. Companies are striving hard to keep pace with technology advancements and meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers. Embedded systems are tightly constrained with performance and costs. To come up with perfect solutions, companies need to master upcoming technologies and enforce software reuse.

We understand the dynamics of your business, and leverage our hands-on experience to help you address the challenges of embedded software development. Our embedded systems services span application development and optimization over popular technologies such as:

  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • DVD decoding, DVD authoring
  • Personal video headsets, and display adapters
  • Digital audio / video chips
  • Audio / video compression technologies (MPEG, MP3, WMA, H.264)

We provide the entire range of services including development, testing and validation across software and hardware interfaces in the embedded systems space.

Our areas of expertise in embedded systems include:

  • » Host interface development, multimedia codec integration, middleware development
  • » Verification, validation and certification (Macrovision, DTS)
  • » Porting
  • » Microprocessor architectures (X86, SH4, STm5700, STm7109, 805x)
  • » Multimedia standards (Mp3, WMA, AAC, JPEG, MPEG etc)
  • » Verticals – consumer electronics, automotive, multimedia
  • » Video (MPEG1, MPEG2, H.264, WMV, DVD, DVD Recorder), Audio (MP3, SACD, DVD Audio, CDDA), Graphics and OSD
  • » Multiple embedded OS, like QNX, VxWorks, Linux and others
  • » Multimedia encoders/decoders such as STMicro, Zoran, Sigma Designs
  • » TCP/IP, wireless technology, security, and protocols
  • » Image processing encoding, covering JPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WM
  • » Digital Signal Processing (DSP) design, real time and embedded DSP firmware
  • » Assembly language for algorithm development for channel coding, audio filtering and processing
  • » Digital data processing, error codes
  • » TI DSP development (Code Composer), fixed point and ARM processors